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What makes GBMC so great is that it is one of the few remaining not for profit community hospitals that exist within modern society that genuinely evokes a sense of compassion and comradery amongst it s staff and the community Being that it is not your large scale industrial big name hospital GBMC is the kind of place where you slowly develop those special and close personal relationships with everyone from the cafeteria worker to your fellow RN colleagues to your supervisor It is one of the least punitive health care environments I have had the pleasure to work in where instead of persistently scrutinizing and discouraging employees they focus on ways in which an individual may improve and implement plans to improve accordingly
This is not exactly the ideal hospital to work at if you are looking for experience in more action packed high acuity areas such as shock trauma or advanced cardio invasive intervention as this hospitals acuity level does not accommodate those cases at this time The hospital is also not as technologically advanced as others in the surrounding metro area
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