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Have worked for NVNA for 3 years now as an RN case manager Working for NVNA has really strengthened my nursing skills and has build new case management skills that makes an even stronger nurse Great team players All clinicians work together closely to deliver the best quality care The great care provided by NVNA is obvious through patient satisfaction surveys direct feedback from the patients and family and the constant referrals There is always room for growth and opportunities to move into higher new roles at the agency if wish although a lot of computer time required for documentation the hours work well for me and my family at this time Generally start the day between 8 9am and can be home by 3 330p with doctor calls and remaining documentation done at home very supportive senior management I would be lost without my amazing clinical manager
scheduling is definetly the only major Con Due to the outstanding work of the agency a lot of referrals Which means patient to clinician ratio can get tricky 6 patients MAX is manageable for a days work If not enough staff and you have high patient census there may be days You will see more than 6 on schedule which is NOT manageable in an 8hour day Over time this can cause burn out on the clinician I have noticed my time at the agency that majority of the clinicians who leave are burnt out stressed due to constant scheduling overload
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