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Job Description

American Heart Center is searching for a cardiac, or cardiovascular APRN who will work alongside cardiologists and other healthcare providers to provide comprehensive cardiovascular care for patients with acute and chronic heart maladies.

Cardiac nurses must have education and experience that will allow you to diagnose, treat, and manage conditions that affect the complex cardiovascular system. You will work to promote optimal cardiovascular health among clients through preventative measures that involve health counseling, screening, and stress tests, as well as disease prevention and management strategies. You will also provide care to patients with coronary heart disease, providing post-operative care to those recovering from bypass surgery or heart transplant.

American Heart Center is a grassroots cardiovascular company born in the Midwest. Providing preventative & comprehensive cardiovascular care, Dr. Nadig & Dr. Kumar along with their highly trained mid-level medical staff, strive to provide preventative care to their patients. American Heart Center's Topeka clinic is Nurse Practitioner driven.

Cardiovascular Institute of America strives to give rural hospitals the power to care for their community health and give them the power to be financially stable.

Job Requirements

Advanced practice registered nurses sub-specializing in cardiology practice under primary specializations as clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners, often holding multiple specialty certifications specific to patient population or other sub-specializations such as acute care.

• Cardiac Catheterization Labs – Some cardiac nurses may focus their education on cardiac catheterization and hold the designation of a cardiac cath lab (CCL) nurse. Cardiac catheterization labs are most often found in hospital environments, and CCL nurses may therefore work in critical care, emergency care, or acute care. A CCL nurse typically provides short-term, immediate care. Some CCL nurses are responsible for pre-procedure and post-procedure care, as well.

• Telemetry Care – Telemetry care involves monitoring a patient’s vital signs using advanced equipment, such as electrocardiograms. It is common to find telemetry nurses working alongside CCL nurses, as they are responsible for providing follow-up monitoring and assessment.

• Electrophysiology Labs – In electrophysiology labs, cardiac care nurses work in collaboration with cardiologists to diagnose the causes of arrhythmias and offer interventional treatment that may involve pacemakers, ablation, and medications.
Cardiac nurses are qualified to provide cardiac care to patients across the lifespan, which may include elderly patients with advanced stage heart disease. They also provide a wide range of services, which may include:
• Managing hypertension, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias and other heart conditions
• Evaluating and monitoring heart devices, such as pacemakers and defibrillators
• Performing a wide variety of cardiac tests, including stress tests, stress echocardiograms, exercise stress tests, PET/dipyridamole stress tests, and CT coronary angiograms
• Providing physical exams so as to diagnose chronic and acute cardiac diseases
• Interpreting laboratory results or cardiac tests
• Prescribing and managing cardiac medications and other therapies
• Educating patients on health maintenance and disease prevention

Contact Information


Tonya Terrel

6730 SW 29th St. Suite B

Topeka, Ks 66614


[email protected]


(785) 554-3749

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