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Summary of Family Practitioner Nurse Practitioner Np job


$60 To $65 Hourly

Employment Type


Job Summary

Board Certified in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine. Skills Needed : General Primary Care functions, Follow up on chronic conditions, Appropriate lab and diagnostic procedure ordering.

Ability to initiate plan of care
Laceration repair, incision and drainage
Ability to order appropriate prescribtions
Patient Pop: First patient appointment scheduled for 7:30
Practice Expectation: Charts must be completed and closed at the end of each day
20 - 25 Patients Per Day

Responsibilites and Duties

Monday - Friday, 7:30 - 5:00pm.

Qualifications and Skills

Candidate must possess Pain Management Experience Patient Pop: Largest group, Medicare age Patient Pop: Small percentage of adolescent and college age patients Patient Pop: no patients under 4 Patient Pop: Some group home disabled patients.


Flight, Rental, Mileage, Lodging

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I ve learned more at Barton than I ever thought I would at a job right out of college This job has molded me into a very successful young adult I came in only knowing that I wanted to work with people do something meaningful and make good money and not much else I ve spent every day for the last 2 years building relationships with clients and learning about the healthcare market I ve learned how to sell our product and more than doubled my salary after my first year If you re personable smart and a hard worker you can really succeed here The job is hard but it s worth it and if you push through the beginning and really learn the job it ends up being super rewarding
The first six months to a year are all about learning the job and prospecting for a database of clients to pull business from in the future and that part is a grind It takes a lot of perseverance tough skin and being moldable and it just isn t a good fit for everyone and that s okay Sometimes clients need things after hours or on weekends but catering to that builds relationships and earns business in the future so that ends up being worth it
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3.6 based on 370 reviews
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  • Robert Indresano ( President & COO )
  • Vacancy Location: Suffolk , VA
  • Vacancy job: Family Practitioner Nurse Practitioner Np
  • Rate: negotiable
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